Why does no one ever mention how having cancer cells in your body is as normal as having blood in your veins? The reason why cancer is so prolific and not going away even with the advances in medical science is because there is no way to 'cure' cancer. Your immune system can take care of cancer cells just fine on it's… » 2/07/12 3:58pm 2/07/12 3:58pm

Part of me wants to say that our failure to meet the life expectancy standard has less to do with illegal immigrants and more to do with the lazy fast-food mentality of most of our obese population. » 6/18/11 12:36pm 6/18/11 12:36pm

The first thing gift card holders need to do is call the store and see if their gift cards are even going to be honored... unsecured debtors are the last ones paid, and that's the category that gift cards fall into. » 11/10/08 7:21am 11/10/08 7:21am

If I hadn't bought my Ipod Touch, I might have seriously considered it. The Touch will suit my needs for email and RSS at home or at hotspots. I scrapbook digitally so if I'm going to bother with a laptop at all, it really needs to be powerful enough to run at least Photoshop Elements for my photo editing and page… » 10/31/08 3:43pm 10/31/08 3:43pm

I had a bit of trouble finding the toolbar button at first. I'd rearranged my toolbars pretty heavily and the "navigation" bar was hidden - the button was there. » 9/06/08 5:35am 9/06/08 5:35am

It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times: A Gallery Of Not…

Hi guys! And greetings from the world of Big Ponies! So way back when I was still a full-time Jezebel, I asked you to send me pics of the best-worst bridal party dresses you've ever worn. And I have to say: You're all a bunch of chickens. You totally weenied out on me! Too afraid to insult the so-called "friends" who… » 5/30/08 3:00pm 5/30/08 3:00pm

Paris Hilton's Doggie Polos Mean The Terrorists Have Won

David Letterman is a bona fie hero to me now: Last night he had Paris Hilton on the program, who he (sincerely? mockingly?) referred to as an "entrepreneur." (Check out the way Paris reflexively put her hand on her hip as she walked out onto the stage.) Then he took us through a heartfelt tour of some of the products… » 5/09/08 7:00pm 5/09/08 7:00pm

What We Talk About When We Talk About Fashion

Sitting down to write my "goodbye" post to you all was really tricky: What to say? What is there to say? I found no easy answers. But the last time I tried to do some meaning-making about my time at Jezebel, I didn't have the opportunity to share it with you all, so I thought I would take this opportunity now to do… » 5/09/08 6:00pm 5/09/08 6:00pm

Plus-Size Bridal On An Anorexic Budget: Now At A Mall Near You

Torrid, plus-sized mall-chain extraordinaire, is now moving into the wonderful world of bridal wear, all priced at the very friendly price point of $78-$220. But are the looks any good? Eh, yes and no. After the jump, I evaluate the mass-produced dresses for the supposed curvy girl on a budget. » 5/09/08 3:20pm 5/09/08 3:20pm

Happy Birthday to Jenny the gorilla. Jenny, who turned 55 today, lives in the Dallas Zoo and is the oldest living gorilla in captivity. For her birthday, her caretakers brought the 210-lb beauty a frozen fruit cake. And many more, Big Girl! [CBS News] » 5/09/08 2:40pm 5/09/08 2:40pm

NY Times critic Cathy Horyn reviews the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute's latest exhibit, "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" in today's paper. Her take? Speed of lightning, roar of thunder — it's a hit: "The ideas that dominate fashion — identity, performance, gender, body shapes, sexuality, logos and… » 5/09/08 1:40pm 5/09/08 1:40pm